Saturday June 13  7:00-8:30 a.m.  Columbus, Indiana
Bike Ride For Ladies Only! No Fellers!
That's right! This ride is just for gals! Be the QUEEN OF THE ROAD...this is a great chance to spend a leisurely girls' day out enjoying the fellowship of 100's of your new best friends from throughout the midwest!

A Great Girlfriend Adventure!

Select from 3 exciting tour packages chosen just for you! The 10K Pixie Tour, the 25K Pageboy Tour or the 50K Home Perm Tour. All tours feature our legendary SWAG stops. You won't leave hungry but you will leave feeling pampered.

Tour Highlights!
GFR 2015 Tour Highlights include... SWAG i.e. rest stops at Windy Hill Greenhouse (way cool), Simmons’ Winery/450 North Brewery (also cool), and Strawberry Fields Mercantile (super cool). Your day starts with a delightful breakfast spread…featuring Chocolate Fountain. The ride is pure bliss. Eat along the way, and enjoy a lunch at the end lovingly prepared by the Hauser High School Lady Jets Volleyball team!

Your tour begins at the Columbus Learning Center.
The Columbus Learning Center is located at 4555 Central Ave # 1600, Columbus, IN 47203.
Registration will open at 7:00 a.m. and continue until 8:30 a.m. You can begin riding any time after 7:00 but must be on the course by 8:30 a.m.



Girlfriend Ride
P.O. Box 115
Hope, IN 47246


Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow...
The mission of 
Turning Point Domestic Violence Services is to work toward the elimination of domestic violence and help empower victims to achieve a violence-free lifestyle.

From Lisa Shafran, President Turning Point Domestic Violence Services, Inc.
I believe there are a lot of women in the community and throughout our region who want to help, but they may not know how they can help. An event like this can raise awareness, educate women and girls about domestic violence and create an opportunity to help Turning Point. I also think it can become a signature event for women helping women! 

Part of the motivation for the Girlfriend Ride comes from wanting to honor the memory of Nancy Jane Asher Richards, a woman who was recently murdered by her husband here in Columbus in a domestic violence homicide. It would be a great legacy to her to establish an event that brought women and girls together in a way that might prevent domestic violence from occurring in the next generation of women. Victims of domestic violence need the help and support of other women to succeed in breaking free from abuse and beginning a new life free of violence.

I am always encouraged by people in the community coming forward to help, particularly in the midst of difficult times!  I think it is critical that events such as these add value to the fabric of the community and provide education and awareness that may prevent domestic violence in the future. The Girlfriend Ride can do this all while creating an environment of fun, fitness, and camaraderie!

Turning Point estimates that over 3,500 individuals are victimized by domestic violence each year in Bartholomew County alone! We will need the continued involvement of the entire community to intervene in, prevent and reduce domestic violence.

Lisa Shafran
Turning Point Domestic Violence Services, Inc.
812.379.5575, ext. 201